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Tips: How to delete a document in XNote?

Some users write to me, and ask me how to delete a document in XNote. Well, it’s easy, follow me!

There are 2 ways to delete a document.

Way 1:

Click “Edit” here, then click “-” to delete


Way 2:

1. put your finger on the cover of the document

2. move your finger from right to left

3. do you see the”delete”? Tap it

Isn’t it easy?  Try it!

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XNote – Best Note taking iPad app

XNote is an easy to use and powerful notebook application for iPad. XNote supports not only free handwriting, but aslo images and texts. With Xnote, you can take a note, draw a picture and write your idea anywhere, at anytime.
When you first open XNote, you’ll find a “Help document” notebook that will walk you through all of the major features.


– Create notebooks with an infinite number of pages, select a cover image and name your book, and you can quickly search your notebook by name
– Allows you to view a notebook’s whole pages in thumbnail view
– Allow you to change the background settings
– Ability to undo/redo for many operations- Use the internal or external keyboard to type text
– Save single pages as a PNG format to your photo library, or set it as the cover of the notebook
– Share your pages with your friends via e-mail, twitter, facebook and tumblr

– Tap the “Pen” button and use a finger to handwrite, the fast you draw, the thinner the line gets
– Allows you to change the color, width and transparency of the line
– Undo and redo on each page, along with a standard eraser tool, or choose to clear the whole page
– Shrink your handwriting so you can easily fit a lot of texts on a page


– Tap the “Image” button and insert images from the photo album
– Use two fingers to rotate, zoom in/out the image
– Double tap the image to add filter effects and make simple edits
– Use one finger to move the image

– Tap the “T” button and insert a text
– Move the bottom right of the “Text box” to zoom in and zoom out
– Use the keyboard to type text
– Ability to change the background color of “Text box”, and set the font, size, and color for the text
– Use one finger to move the text

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